Repair Your Home!

Man kneeling on roof with tools


Yes, you can repair your roof and you don't always have to replace it! Roofs are designed to be incredibly repairable. Damage from Wind/storm, ice dams, or even normal wear and tear (ie Sun damaging southern slopes) are very common of the treasure valley. Whether you just have a few flipped or creased shingles from the wind, new roof vents, rotted decking, or you need a whole slope replaced, we can help you at an affordable price! We don't push full roof replacements as we want you to get the most out of the roof you already have.

Man leaning near home siding eying it for square


Have some siding rotting due to your sprinklers or other damage? Did you know that most exterior home due is due to improper drainage of water, weathering, impacts, or installation errors. We can take care of that for you and make sure its repairs properly!

New wood fence being installed


Wood fence falling down or just worn out? Do you want or need metal posts? We can repair or replace it with a fresh new look!

Construction worker working on cutting giant wood beam


Have something else that you are working on? Let us know, we are licensed remodeling contractors and are always happy to help you move forward!