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Free! Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Regular inspections of your home fire extinguisher are a must! As a property claims adjuster, I saw a lot of fire claims that could be avoided if homeowners were diligent about obtaining and maintaining an appropriate portable fire extinguisher. As homeowners, safety is a top priority for us. Thus, we are offering a free first time inspection of your home's fire extinguisher(s). No gimmicks!

Make Me Laugh!

Life, work, and selling or buying a home can all be very stressful and we will make your inspection as stress free as possible. In all good nature, we offer this recurring discount "Make Me Laugh!". Basically, get us to laugh with a new clean joke and we'll give you up to 5% off your inspection. No this discount doesn't stack and yes you're graded on your joke. Let's see what you have in you!

Annual Maintenance

Returning customers, scheduled within 30 calendar days of their first inspection, will receive up to a $100 off their annual maintenance inspection leaving you in a better place to address any important issues found!