Home Inspection Estimates

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Received Your Report, Now What?

One of the most common questions we get asked after clients see their inspection report is, "How much will that cost to fix?". We are excited to let you know we specialize in turning home inspection reports into highly accurate repair estimates.

How do we do this? First, we use our inspector, contractor, and adjuster skills to properly identify the accurate method of repairs. Second, we use top leading repair estimate writing programs to create a detailed and explanatory estimate for your specific needs. These estimate are not quotes from us but rather, use standardized and detailed line items with local pricing that are updated every single month!

This does more than help answer your basic cost questions. This helps turn your inspection report into a powerful negotiation tool for you! Buyers and sellers alike both have real up to date costs for needed repairs and will know what is fair to ask for.

Estimate Writing Services

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Looking for an estimate writer for your project or business?

Whether for your personal project or as a business solution we can help you by creating a fair and detailed estimate for you!

Many of our business clients are local emergency restoration companies, who need an excellent repair estimate for insurance claims. We not only are contractors our selves but are licensed adjustors who worth with a verity of different insurance companies and know what they are looking for. This helps you, the client, but drastically cutting down on the time nad energy spent negotiating back and forth! It is important to note that the main cause for estimate revisions requests is due to a lack of proper line item explanation and communication to the adjuster. We are more than happy to make those calls and emails to your adjuster for no additional charge!

Homeowners, will also find that this service provides you with a great starting point for your project. Not sure what your project should cost and you are getting wildly different quotes from contractors/installers? We will create you a through estimate that is priced for your exact zipcode so you know what quotes are actually reasonable. To be clear we will not quote what an another company's costs are but rather what is a fair market price for your project. Moreover, if down the line you get a contractor quote that just doesn't make sense to you, send it to us! We will preform a free review of it and let you know if it actually makes sense for your needs.