Types of Inspections

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Pre-Listing Reports

Want to help avoid potentially costly buyer negotiations at the last minute?

Sell your home with a complete Move-In certified inspection to help attract the buyer that you want!

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Buyer Inspections

Building science is complicated and needs to be looked at as a whole system.

We will inspect your desired home and provide you with an accurate and timely report so that you know what you are really getting.

We fully understand what is important in homeownership and want you to be confident in your purchase!

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Annual Maintenance

Did new unnoticed damage happen this year or the next?

Schedule an annual maintenance inspection to keep up-to-date on your homes true condition. Address current need repairs and help prevent future issues.

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11 Month Builder's Warranty

Get a full inspection before your warranty runs out!

Foundation settlement, wood warp, leak progression, and so much more can happy with new construction. You may not know about your homes issues but we can help find them for you and provide you a warranty inspection report to, if needed, submit to your warranty company.

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Water Damage

Got water damage? Not sure what needs repairs or how big the repairs will be?

We will inspect your home for you to help identify what is related to this loss/event and what the direct scope of work is.

Wind storm damage to home

Wind Damage

Did a recent windstorm damage your home? Not sure?

We will work with your schedule to provide a low cost yet detailed inspection report for you.

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Thermal Analysis

Now included on all water damage inspections!

Proper thermal imaging and analysis provides significantly detailed information when evaluating your whole building system.

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Moisture Mapping

Now included on all water damage inspections!

Though usage of our IICRC certified Water Damage Restoration (WTR) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD) knowledge and skills we will map out areas of moisture intrusion for you.

This will provide a real visual understanding of where the water has traveled. This way you have more useful information to help you manage and prioritize repairs.

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Foreclosure Inspections

Not sure what condition the property is in? Need a quick report?

We will get in to all accessible areas of the property, fully document it's condition, and provide a speedy turn around.

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Insurance Inspections

Want an independent second opinion on loss related damaged and scope of work?

Whether you are an Insured or the Carrier, we are happy to use all of our tools, skills, and knowledge to aid you in your investigation.

With 8 years of significant adjusting experience we are able to identify and accurately report real needed information!

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Roof Data Technician

We are a neutral inspector that will document the condition of your roof and take samples for your Owens Corning warranty claim.

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Roof, Attic, & Chimney

Not sure if you have roof damage or if need a repair instead of replacement?

We are happy to mount your roof and or climb in your attic to thoroughly inspect it for you.

**Please note: Areas must be safe to access.

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Fire Extinguisher

We will inspect each accessible residential fire extinguisher and report to you not only what condition they are in but whether it requires maintenance or replacement.

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Other needs?

Let us know what you need and we will be happy to help in anyway we can!